An Overview of Smart Service Scheduling Software

This is Smart Service, probably the most flexible HVAC software you’ll discover. Smart Service HVAC Software , has a seamless interaction with QuickBooks including your customers, employees and vendors, a listing of all of your products and services, and even your QuickBooks employee timesheets. We now have a seamless search where one can quickly come up towards the top and type your customer’s name. You can look in here and search by the service or payment address as well as by the last four digits associated with someone’s phone number.

When you make any changes in our Scheduling Software it automatically goes straight into QuickBooks. For example, if you want to alter contact information, you’d just enter the new name, fill in the data and then all you have to do is click Save and close, your quickbooks database is automatically updated as well, no more double daya entry. With Smart Service’s multi-tab support you can have many different tabs open all at the same time, making doing complex tasks so much faster and easier.

With Smart Service there is no need to import or export from quickbooks anymore, because we’re gold certified quickbooks developers Smart Service connects directly to quickbooks, allowing you to update records within smart service, hit save, and see them in quickbooks (or even the other way around)

We offer one of the most flexible, intuitive scheduling software with solutions to manage your several departments. Your schedule can have different colors based off of timestamps. Click on any kind of job and see all the details over on the left of your Smart Pane. When it comes to scheduling, it takes only a couple of mouse clicks. All you have to do is go to the employee, click and drag, then right click.

This is how we are able to create a completely new job. You find your customer then click Ok, and now that we’ve planned the date, time, and employee, all that’s left to do is enter why we’re going out there. As soon as you’re done, all you have to do is click on Save and Close. It’s that fast and simple to create a job right there on the calendar. And now within a couple of minutes, this job is going to be dispatched to your employee’s copy of iFleet on their iPhone or iPad.

After the job is scheduled in Smart Support, all that is left is perfect for the technician to synchronize to get that job. All we need to do is push Sync on the Apple device. Now we can then come in here and see all of the jobs scheduled for the employee.

In Smart Service, we now have the Mobile Workforce. This is what allows you to see all of your technicians using iFleet, even quickly appear here and see the place where they last synced.

When you click the arrow, you can now view a pinpoint on the last time they synchronized. This gives the capability to track your employees’ locations, timestamps, and much more in the Mobile Workforce tabs.

Are you currently spending too much valuable production time on the way to your clients? With our Advanced Route and Optimization feature you can completely eliminate unneeded travel time, reduce mileage, and help you save fuel. Together with MapPoint, Smart Service enables you to better optimize your daily routes.

Smart Service HVAC Software does not just simplify your scheduling process and help you ensure your billing by assisting speedy invoice publishing to QuickBooks; we also assist you to keep an eye on your ongoing advertising campaigns. We provide powerful reporting tools and keep tabs on follow-ups with varied sets of communication types and more.

Smart Service isn’t only a scheduling tool; it’s the solution for your growing business.